I, Al Bushey, have owned and operated a maple sugaring operation for almost 20 years. My 3,200 tree maple farm is located on a 150 acre parcel of family land on Brigham Hill, the highest point in Essex, Vt.  I tap the same trees that my great, great uncle tapped 100 years ago.  I rely on my friends, family, and neighbors to help out during the busy season. 

We still encompass many of the traditional methods used for making maple syrup. We have a wood fired evaporator and we prepare and burn around 20 cord of dry firewood each year to make the syrup.  We also still hang between 200-300 buckets each year to embrace the traditional look and community feel of collecting sap. 

 We are committed to making high quality syrup and we personally taste test every barrel that we make to ensure a high quality and flavorful product. Most of our syrup is sold at the Burlington Farmers Market, which we attend every Saturday throughout the summer.  We also transform some syrup into delicious maple products, such as maple candy,  maple sugar, and a customer favorite maple cotton candy.